Setup Tutorial Video

How to play:

It's easy to play BEES in Space! You only need a few things:

1) An emulator. This allows you to play Super Nintendo games on your computer!

If you're new to all this, we recommend SNES9X for Windows and OpenEmu for Mac. If you're experienced with emulators, check out this video on RetroArch!

2) A legally-acquired Super Mario World rom.

Nintendo wouldn't be happy with us if we were giving away their game, so you'll have to provide your own rom. There are lots of sites out there where you can illegally download a rom, but of course we wouldn't recommend that.

3) Our patch to turn Super Mario World into BEES in Space! Download it here.

Finally, go to this link to create the game! The Mario World rom is your base file, and BEES in Space is your patch file. A new .smc or .sfc file will be created. Open this in your emulator and play!

If you need any help, don't hesitate to send us a DM on Instagram! Or you can check out the FAQ on Thanks for playing!